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Program Goals

The purpose of this program is to reward the drivers who have been providing a high level of safety, productivity and dedication to their job as a professional driver working for Muskoka Delivery. And to insure that Muskoka Delivery becomes the leading employer, in Ontario, of professional and safe operators.



All that is required from you is to report for duty every day you are scheduled to work, on time and in uniform. You need also to complete your shift without causing any damage to MDs or public property. If you do this you will be rewarded based on the information provided on the attached spread sheets.


Driver of the Year Award

Each year at the annual safety meetings we will award the top driver in each category (tractor, cube van & straight truck). The winner of the award will be the driver with the most points in the previous year. This year it will be an abbreviated program, as you know our safety meetings are usually in October and therefore we will only have 2 months. The award amounts for this year and next, will be announced at this years safety meetings.



Full uniform must be worn daily and will be rewarded 5 points, any driver who reports for work with out will have 20 demerit points.

Pre Trip / MTO Log

Must be accurate, complete, attached to time sheet rewarded with 5 bonus points, if not will have 10 demerit points

All clear CVIR will receive 50 bonus points, any violations or warnings will receive 500 demerit points.

All complaints, driving or otherwise, will receive 100 demerit points.

Safe Driving 
Every day worked without an avoidable accident or incident will receive 10 bonus points.

Equip & Property Damage 

ANY damage  to MDS equipment by negligence or avoidable accident will receive 1,000 demerit points.

Equip & Property Damage Reporting

Failure to report ANY damage to equipment by the end of your shift  will result in 500 demerit points.

Failure to report for duty on time, or failure to complete your shift will result in 500 demerit points


Failure to report for duty without 15 days WRITTEN notice will result in 200 demerit points (must be in Bracebridge 15 days advance)

Safety Meetings

Attendance to our safety meeting's will receive 50 bonus points. Failure to attend any of our safety meetings will receive 1,000 demerit points

Traffic Violations  Any moving violations on CVOR or drivers abstract will receive 1,000 demerit points

Testimonial Letter

If you have satisfied a customer to the extent they offer praise in writing 50 bonus points will be awarded

Freight Damage Reporting

Failure to inspect and report (per company policy) damage to freight prior to loading receives 250 demerit points

Driver Negligence

Failure to comply with ANY company policy (not listed above) as they are stated in the "Drivers Handbook" will result in 250 demerit points

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